Wednesday, October 24, 2012

[my miracle day]

It's probably about time I did this post.

Today I celebrate my sweet girl, Emersynn's, 9th birthday.

And I consider it a miracle that I'm here to celebrate it with her.

I'll try not to make this a novel, but 9 years ago immediately after giving birth to Emersynn, I started to hemorrhage.

Which wasn't a huge surprise for me since I hemorrhaged after having my second child, Kellan, too.

But this time was way worse.

Laying in the hospital bed [my mom and husband beside me while Emersynn was being examined by the nurses] my doctor was busy trying to stop the bleeding. She realized quickly that while trying to remove my placenta that my uterus was attached to it.

The bleeding got worse.

So before I knew it, the nurses made my husband and mom leave and I was wheeled to an OR room. Barely conscience by that point because of how much blood I had lost.

I ended up being in the operating room for over four hours.

My doctor couldn't find blood that matched mine.

It had to be flown in and police escorted to the hospital.

Where an IV was then placed in my neck because that was the quickest way the blood could get to my heart and save me.

My body had gone into shock while I was waiting and I had to be resuscitated for 8 minutes.

A chaplin had gone out to the waiting room to tell my husband, friends, and family I might not make it.

I ended up recieving 16 units of blood total.

My doctor also ended up doing an emergency partial hysterectomy to save me. I have a 6" long scar to prove it!

Most moms that bleed that much, either don't make it or suffer from brain damage afterwards.

[Still debating some days whether or not my brain was effected from it! <Mostly> kidding! ; )]

By the grace of God and those donors, I'm here 9 years later.

100% healthy.

And funny story, afterwards while in ICU and sedated, the doctors knew I was going to be just fine after I removed my own breathing tube not once but twice.

[Nolan with Emersynn while I was in the OR]

Before I had Emersynn I never thought about donating blood. Or why it was important.

I actually had the opportunity to donate my senior year in highschool and didn't because I was afraid of needles!

I feel like this happened to me, so I could share why it is not only so important, but one of the greatest gifts you can give to someone.

While sharing my story is sometimes difficult, I try to do it as much as possible. Even doing speaking events (eek!) at United Blood Service events.

[Me and my blood buddy, Gerry, at one of those speaking events. He's one of my 16 donors]

So yeah, today is more than just my little girl's birthday. It's a day to celebrate second chances. And being thankful for all this time God has given me. A day not to think about what could have been, but be thankful for what I have.

[so blessed]

<3 Lindsey

P.S. Go donate blood!


  1. whoa lindsey! that's an amazing story! **and maybe i cried. god is good/total miracle. i ♥ gerry & the other 15, because i'm glad we're friends now. happiest birthday emersynn! ♥

  2. I had no idea! What an experience you went through. Thank goodness for the blood donors and modern medicine! And happy birthday to sweet Emersynn!