Thursday, May 16, 2013

[stars & stripes series] diy #2

Fourth of July craft numero dos!

So while perusing Pinterest for inspiration, I noticed there are like zero cute Fourth of July prints. Zero. So today's DIY is like a craft project and freebie all in one!

First, let's start with the craft...

Back story: I am loving all these Anthropology inspired "zinc" letters on Pinterest lately. 

[click on pic above for link]

Well, I wanted to add a frame to the Fourth of July decor. I was thinking stripes and then I saw these "zinc" letters and thought it would look so cool to do the stripes kinda subtle with the zinc color and white. So here is what I made!

Totally classy right?? ;) And I love that the frame is something that could be used year round, but with the printable it has a totally nautical/patriotic vibe to it. And the subtle metallic stripes turned out exactly how I hoped! 

Here's how you make it!

First you need all of what's below. I bought my 8.5" x 11" wood frame from Joann's. I used FolkArt metallic pearl white paint and a Martha Stewart navy blue paint (not pictured-oops). Oh and any white acrylic paint will work!

[Also make sure to get some masking tape & a foam paint brush if you don't already have one on hand]

So, step one: Paint two coats of white paint all over the frame. 

Next, after the paint dries, use <preferably> a clear acrylic ruler and using a pencil mark 2 7/8" increments along both sides of the long frame. And then draw a line from those markings across the frame. Then using the masking tape, mark off the areas where you'll be painting the metallic stripes.

I also taped around the outer edge of the frame. Just because I wanted the frame to be white around the outside. Just cause. 

And now paint 1-2 coats with your navy paint.

After that has dried completely, paint 3-4 coats of your metallic paint on top of the navy paint. The other zinc tutorials I found use a black paint as their base. I chose navy so the metallic color has a cooler hue to it. But the darker paint on the bottom is what gives the metallic paint it's depth and makes the stripes pop out more too!

Let it dry and remove your masking tape. Print out your free printable <woot-woot!> and you're finished!

And here is that free printable!

And because I'm super nice, I made an extra one!

<3 Lindsey

And in case you missed it, HERE is a link to the first DIY from the series!