Sunday, May 6, 2012

[mother's day present]

We have lots going on this week...My youngest man, Kellan, is turning 10 on the 9th. My sister is graduating from college on the 11th. My dad's birthday is on the 12th. AND of course Mother's day on the 13th.


I just showed you my sister's grad present and now I'm going to show you what I made for my madre!

A faux wood grain chalkboard frame thing! lol I'm sleep deprived right now so that's as good of a description as you're going to get.

ETC is currently selling unfinished wood frames in a lot of cute styles. I bought one, painted 3 coats of the same paint color (Martha Stewart Rainwater) as my sister's frame. After it dried, I taped up around the grooved edges with some painter's tape so the wood grain was only on top. I mixed some white paint with the Rain Water paint and, in small sections, painted it on top and then immediately took my handy dandy wood grain tool (also from Martha Stewart- got it at Home Depot!) and slowly, rocking forward and backward, dragged it down the small section of paint. I repeated that process till the top of the frame was done. Removed the tape. After that dried, I painted some matte varnish on top.

I took the backing board the frame came with and painted 2 coats of dark gray chalk paint on it. I took some chalk and, after it was dried, rubbed or "slatted" the surface with it. I took a dry rag and rubbed it in. Then wrote a heartwarming quote on it with a liquid chalk pen. Added a recent pic of the kiddos and it's finished!

Think my mom will love it??

And my poor dad is not getting anything "special" for his bday. But Father's Day is coming up soon, so watch out! ; )

Hope all you mother's out there have an extra wonderful, over flowing with hugs and kisses, sort of Mother's Day!

<3 Lindsey

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