Thursday, January 31, 2013


I'm quickly approaching my 31st birthday. <holy crap> <already?>

I thought since 30 was such a big milestone for me, I'd share some things I've learned/realized/come to terms within the last year.

Here we go...

1) I will always have at least one pimple on my face till the day I die.
2) Eyebrow hairs can suddenly start growing out of the middle of your forehead. And multiply over night.
3) My waistline does not dictate my happiness.
4) I love food more than a certain <unrealistic> number on the scale.
5) God will not send a lighting bolt down from the heavens to strike me in a deathly ball of fire when I tell people no.
6) Telling people no is kinda fun.
7) I know what contentment feels like. And it has nothing to do with perfection.
8) I'm not perfect.
9) I will never be perfect.
10) And I don't much.
11) I am kinda weird. I am a dork. I am awkward.

And I think I'm <mostly> okay with it.

<3 Lindsey


  1. love this list!!! you're a gem. so grateful to know ya <3

  2. Love this list! I can relate to quite a few of these.....and even at 40 I always have at least one pimple, but they are now joined by wrinkles and some fair! I hope you have a great 31st birthday!

  3. So here I am scrolling through your blog feeling like a bit of a stalker and I read numbers one and two and laugh hysterically. This of course came directly after I jumped online having just plucked transparent hairs from my unibrow region and attempted to pop a pimple on the side of my nose. Admitting this completely relates to number 11.

    1. Haha I am SO glad that I am not alone with my pimples/crazy brow hairs/dorky awkwardness!!