Saturday, January 12, 2013


Feeling the love in our ugly attractively challenged rental right now.

 [Pic above photo bombed by my husband's Fantasy Football trophy {top right corner}. I was going to crop it out but decided I wanted you all to feel sorry for me. It should be moving on to some one's else home really soon. Or the garbage.]

 [Chain made from leftover felt from my Valentine's Day wreath. Pic at the very bottom.]

 [^^From my first blog post on here! And what used to be my one and only v-day decoration.^^]

 [Lots of scotch tape made this possible. Despite it being the dustiest light fixture ever, the tape is miraculously still holding. Dust = 0 Scotch Tape = 138974698734]

 [Tissue paper tassels. Fun & cheap!]

 [And my most favortist decoration...Valentine's envelopes! Made one for each of the kids. The boys, who are 12 and 10, were over...the...moon with this idea* Found a tutorial for it HERE. Modified it slightly as you might notice...   fyi --> * =sarcasm. They hated it.]

 [But I don't care! I'm going to pretend they're 5 till they are legal adults]

ALL the decorations above I did for under $30. Impressive, right?? 

And my other most favortist decoration left for ETC yesterday. I miss it terribly already. Just like with January's wreath, the chalkboard was decorated to add to the wreath's cuteness. Those interested in taking this class, you can sign up HERE!

P.S. You might notice ETC has a whole new look online....that's cause we're now selling scrapbooking products online! Exciting!! Fabric coming soon!

And just for the 10 who follow this blog, and the 2 who actually read it, a sneak peak of March's wreath!

You're probably tired of this word after reading this post, but it's my most FAVORITE wreath yet. Can't wait to show it off in a few weeks! Stay tuned!

<3 Lindsey


  1. Love all of it! The new wreath is going to be gorgeous!

  2. you're a genius. holy heck, that bunny.

  3. Love the bunny wreath and the envelopes on the chairs are super cute!!

  4. Can you post a tutorial of how to make the cute bunny wreath? I don't live anywhere near you and cannot attend the class. but I would love to know how to make the wreath and where to get the products! I saw you mentioned the felt from erst. where did you get the bunny? thx! cute blog.