Thursday, November 8, 2012


As in the activity teachers do to make catching up on school work sound fun. Except I'm catching you up on boring things I've done lately.


<Don't leave me!>

Ok, so a few of the VERY EXCITING things I've done since I was last on here was....


<Seriously, don't leave...yet>

When I was a freshman in high school, my mom gave me this calendar holder. I loved it because it held a beautiful calendar full of Amish country illustrations. I was super popular and had a lot of friends back then if you were wondering. Anyways, I've always cherished it since then and until very recently I enjoyed putting, what I considered, hi-larious calendars in them. Like this year's Cats doing Yoga. 

Funny right? And I hate cats. Hate them. So that makes it even funnier! {To me. And only me. But definitely not my husband.}  

So I decided to take this calendar holder thing more seriously and give it a makeover. 

I painted it. I added cork board. And found a serious calendar (seriously cute, that is).

And see?!

It's fun. It's colorful. And it's a perpetual calendar which means I can buy more and keep using the same calendar year after year after year! After year! 

{I probably won't be doing that considering how easily bored I get, but this shop has some other really cute options!}

And some close up shots....

Other than that I recently pretended I was a photographer again...

Last one makes me laugh like I just saw some cats doing yoga. 

Anyways, Happy almost Friday!

<3 Lindsey

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