Friday, November 9, 2012

[family pics + my triangle quilt]

Yesterday was family picture day!

Originally we were going to have someone take them, but then they had to cancel cause of a funeral <very sad> and then they got sick <also sad> SO I just didn't want to reschedule again. I'm impatient like that. And I'm a "photographer" who also happens to own a tripod. So yeah I thought I'd save us some money and add a whole lot of stress to our day and take them ourselves!


Not really!

First of all, right after I got myself ready (which is a lot of work and my least favorite chore) I looked outside and what do you know, I saw a beautiful rainbow. And lots of rain clouds.

But I already spent way too much time giving myself an unsuccessful makeover so I said screw the clouds, I'm making this work! Cause if I have to apply this much makeup again I'm going to cry! <optimism at it's finest>

So I got the kids ready, loaded up the van. Left for downtown Tempe. Five minutes into our drive, I realized I forgot my blanket. So we turned around, grabbed it, and left again.

Once we arrived, one of the kids didn't want to cooperate. The clouds were making it darker. Setting up the tripod, posing everyone, trying to figure out where I would sit, pressing the timer button, running over before it took the picture, forgetting where I planned to sit, panicking, and smiling while making sure I wasn't flashing the camera in my dress was pretty much how every single shot went.


So I gave up and prayed we had at least one winner. And we did.

Here it is...

You would never know I was sitting in a puddle and that the kids were groaning about our "one last try". Okay maybe you can with the last one, but you can also tell they were trying extra hard to disguise their annoyance with me. And they're all looking at the camera and no one is blinking.

That's all that matters to me.

Here are a few others...

I have one more winner, but I'm saving it for our Christmas card. I'll share it soon!

And also, I mentioned recently that I made my very own, just for me, no one else can use, okay fine you can use it, dogs aren't allowed to lay on it, fine whatever the dogs can lay on it, and now it's covered in dog hair and kid germs QUILT!!!!

I wasn't loving it a whole lot at first, but it's growing on me. And don't tell the kids, but I secretly love that they cuddle with it. Especially when they're not feeling well. Tugs at the Mama heart strings.

If you want to make your own triangle quilt, you can follow this tutorial! My triangles are 6" tall and I used a triangle ruler just like in the tutorial. I've seen some tutorials where they don't use one, but I think it makes it so much easier and worth the extra $$! I didn't add a border or anything. Just kept adding triangles till I was happy with the size : )

That's everything! Happy <actual> Friday! Yay!

<3 Lindsey


  1. Lindsey, ALL the photos you posted are gorgeous! Aiden's "big boy" stance made my heart tumble - time is flying by way too fast. They all look so beautiful - don't tell the boys I used the word beautiful.
    Love you!

  2. Thanks Gramma! I agree!!! Nearly cried when I had to buy him size 14 pants the other day....And my lips are sealed ; )